Rin Rin Park

Rin Rin park is the new tourist destination in Ho Chi Minh city
Rin Rin park is the Japanese culture park that is located in Hooc Mon, 20 kilometer far from Ho Chi Minh city, the major city of Vietnam and official inaugurated in March, 2nd, 2014. With the total space of 20,000m2, Rin Rin park is the fresh air that brings Japanese soul for Vietnamese community, marking another tour destination in Vietnam. Coming to Rin Rin park, tourists have opportunities to go sightseeing, and take pictures with their families in beautiful landscape. In particularly, in Rin Rin park, with fresh and comfortable atmosphere, they can find their fascination when seeing a 300 year old pine tree, Bonsai, and elegantly curved rocks… Noticeably, there is a Koi fish lake in Rin Rin park where there are hundreds of fishes with different colors, sizes and types. Koi fish in Japanese culture represents fortune, and nice things. Everything in this parks is imported from Japan and made by experienced and qualified craftsmen. The park is the bridge introducing Japanese culture to Vietnamese people, which contributes to enhancing relationships between Vietnam- Japan.

With reasonable price for entry fee, it is expected that Rin Rin park would attract a great number of Vietnamese tourists who want to experience Japanese landscape.

By Mỹ Anh on Mar 6, 2014 4:02:53 PM

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