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Saigon Washin Engine

Saigon Washin Engine

Saigon Washin Engine

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With the ambition to intensify the business relationship between foreign countries and Vietnam, Saigon Washin Engine is created to support foreign investors who want to establish companies in Vietnam through services: web portal of business searches in Vietnam, website and system development, graphic design, web marketing. Saigon Washin Engine, along with management staff who is fluently in Japanese and has professional working manner, hopes to be the best business partners of clients. Therefore, the company never stops learning and gaining experience to build its own brand name and satisfy client’s demands.

Company Name Saigon Washin Engine
6FL, N\'orch Building, 170 Bui Thi Xuan St, Pham N. Lao Ward, Distric 1, HCMC, VietNam
Charter Capital 90.000 USD
Business Operation portal search business in Vietnam.
Design website and development system in Vietnamese.
The type of design.
Web Marketing for the Vietnamese market.
Support language English, Japan, Vietnam


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