Food in Vietnam: 114 companies

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It is reported that food is one of top things that Vietnamese people spend their money on. In the modern life, they have more options and demands regarding food. Despite the fact that Vietnamese economy has faced with difficulties, food industry still develops significantly. Let’s meet with food makers who are able to provide with diversified types of food guaranteeing safety and hygiene matter.

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Farm Connection Trading CO., LTD.
Farm Connection Trading established a company as a bridge between farmers and customers. By dealing directly with farmers, we are able to provide safe, secure and high-quality meat. We have established a system that can provide high-quality meat by dealing directly with farmers who are safe, secure and reliable with their own eyes. We want to spread the splendor of “Wagyu” to the world. In addition, we don't just provide meat, we can enjoy the original taste of... >> Read more

Bella Food And Beverage Company
Aloe Vera Juice, Basil Seed Drink, Chia Seed Drink, Coconut Drinks, Coffee Drinks... >> Read more

Vietnam Business Consulting
Secure - Reliable - Dynamic We offer European companies the range of services to enhance their cost effective entrance on the Vietnamese market: - B2B meetings - Market research - Exhibition report - Strategy - Legal support - Vietnamese representative Fields of expertise: 1. Education 2. Real estate 3. Health Care 4. Agriculture 5. Finances 6. PPP... >> Read more