Construction materials in Vietnam: 96 companies

Construction material

The strong development of construction field has led to significant demands of construction materials, for example, steel structures, and bricks…. from contractors and individual customers. The presence of domestic and foreign owned companies has made construction material market more competitive. Along with it, their products have become more diversified and suitable with people income. Let’s meet with companies who are able to supply you high quality construction materials.

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Asaba Vietnam

Asaba Vietnam

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Setting up its production base in Dong Nai, Asaba Vietnam kicked off its business operation on the basic of 100% Japanese capitalized enterprise. Specializing in heavy industry sector, the company is in charge of the integrated process of manufacturing and processing plastic components and parts, metal molded products, and wires. Combining technology transferred from Japan and expertise of professional employees have enabled Asaba Vietnam to have their own special manufacturing know how as well... >> Read more

Thien Viet Engineering & Construction
Thien Viet Engineering & Construction (Thien Viet) kicked off its business operation in 2001 with the head quarter in Ho Chi Minh city. As a construction based firm, the company handles all related services which include construction, architectural design, steel structure, installation of handling equipment, M&E systems and fire fight and prevention systems… Since its establishment, the company has always followed its business principle: “optimal solution, high quality products and leading effect”. With a... >> Read more

Japan Technology & Engineering
J- Tray is a Japan based company that has accumulated a strong foundation base in the field of designing analyzing and constructing structural steels, and cable trays for nuclear power, hydro power and other plants. J- Tray established its 100% Vietnam based subsidiary, which is Japan Technology & Engineer (J-TEC). Located in the high tech zone in Ho Chi Minh city, J-TEC gets involved in designing, analyzing construct structures, CAD design, fluid dynamics, industrial... >> Read more

Dainichi Color Vietnam
DainichiSeika Color & chemicals manufacturing is a Japan based company, specializing in manufacturing and selling printing inks, biochemical products, inorganic and organic pigments, and plastic products… After reaching certain achievement in Japan, DainichiSeika began operating more branches outside Japan. Its network includes countries in Asia, Europe, and America. Located its base in Bac Ninh, Dainichi Color Vietnam is a subsidiary of DainichiSeika. Dainichi Vietnam is major in manufacturing and distributing to customers such products... >> Read more

M.O Tec Vietnam

M.O Tec Vietnam

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M.O Tec Corporation is a well known Japanese brand name that exists for more than 60 years. The company has been an active seller and leaser of heavy temporary construction materials. With premium quality products, M.O Tec Corporation has remained its strong position in drastically competitive market and contributed to constructing infrastructures such as motorways, airways, ports and harbors… M.O Tec Vietnam is a part of M. O Tec Corporation extensive network. With the... >> Read more

Steel Buildings and Equipment Industries
Steel Buildings & Equipment Industries, SEICO Jsc was founded in 2003. The main business is focused on pre-engineered steel design, fabrication and construction. With more than 11 years of experience, the company is ranked a trustworthy partner through a range of sophisticated projects e. g. Honda, Fuji Xerox, Gold Coin, Bbraun. With continuous improvement, SEICO is going to archive higher position in industrial construction industry.... >> Read more

Hiep Phat

Hiep Phat

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Setting up its production base in Ho Chi Minh city, Hiep Phat kicked off its business operation in 2002 on the basic of joint venture between Vietnam and Japan. Its main active conduct of business includes manufacturing and selling a board array of ropes and nets used for agriculture, forestry, sport and construction. Thanks to strong back from Japanese side in term of advanced technology and production line, Hiep Phat’s manufacturing process takes place... >> Read more

Kita Nihon Construction Materials Leasing
Kita Nihon Construction Materials Leasing is a Japan based firm that was incorporated in 1971. As a construction based company, the company handles comprehensive services in the related context including processing, sales and lease steel materials for constructions, steel structures, steel pipelines, steel sheet piles, steel flooring, portable public restrooms, and designing and implementing construction works. Its competitive advantages include eco-friendliness, saving cost, operational time reduction, safety and risk management. Kita Nihon Construction Materials... >> Read more

Koei Vietnam Co., Ltd.
With the head quarter located in Ho Chi Minh city, Koei Vietnam, Vietnamese branch of Japan based firm, Koei Industrial Co. Ltd, officially started operating business in 2011. Its main scope of business includes sales and purchase of plastic films, used machines and equipments such as milling machines, drilling machines, lathes, grinders and forming machines…, factory handling, waste recycling and classification, and real estate brokerage and evaluation. Based on wealth of experience fostered for... >> Read more