Urban construction in Vietnam: 66 companies

Urban construction

Urban development is the process involved with the use of land and design of the urban environment, including transportation systems, facilities, and commercial centers…to ensure the progress of communities. Vietnam is the country that has just begun the first stage of urbanization. Demands for accommodations and improving quality of life have been on the rise. To catch up with this strong trend, Vietnamese government has strongly focuses on the real estate and construction sector. Vtown lists J

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Yabashi Corporation started operating its business in 1961. Clients of Yabashi varies from individuals to big enterprises. Up till today, the company has had more than 800 employees inside and outside Japan and a plenty of group members. As a part of Yabashi Corporation, Yabashi Vietnam CAD technology corporation (VINACAD) located its base in Hanoi. VINACAD has separate 5 departments which are Architecture, IT, Air conditioning, Machinery and Civil Engineering. With developed technology, VINACAD... >> Read more

Nihon Sekkei Vietnam
Nihon Sekkei is a Japan based company that has more than 40 years operating its business in construction field. Particularly, the company’s main conduct of business involves in urban development, environment, architectural design and evaluation. State of art technology and experience fostered since its inception have enabled the company to meet with customers’ demands. As an affiliated company of Nihon Sekkei, setting up its office in Hanoi, Nihon Sekkei Vietnam is major in construction... >> Read more

Asia Pacific Engineering Consultants
After granting the license from Ministry of Planning and Investment, Asia Pacific engineering Consultants (APECO) began its business in 1992 as a joint venture construction firm. Combining between experience, and technical expertise among leading Vietnamese construction firms and Japanese consultants, APECO handles a wide range of construction services which can be named roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, environment, urban, rural and agriculture development… APECO never stops coming up with new ideas to make contributions... >> Read more

Nikken Sekkei Civil Engineering
Founded in 2001, Nikken Sekkei Civil Engineering (NSC) was a spinoff of civil engineering department of Nikken Sekkei Corporation. As a construction based company, NSC is major in such segments as designing, implementing and supervising construction- engineering works, urban developments, environment inspection, measurement and other related services. With quality based management system, NSC was certified with ISO 9001 standard. Along with experienced employees, NSC has achieved remarkable accomplishment through multiple works. In Vietnam, NSC... >> Read more

Kajima Overseas Asia
Kajima Overseas Asia (KOA) is a Japan based company that operates in 3 main segments: design/ engineering, building construction and urban development. With the emphasis on premium quality, competitive price, timely delivery, absolute safety and environment awareness, KOA is committed to acting for the benefits of customers. KOA has implemented a great number of projects in a global scale such as Me Linh Tower (Vietnam), Nikko Hotel (Malaysia), Panasonic (Malaysia) and JVC (Indonesia)… KOA... >> Read more

Toda Corporation

Toda Corporation

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As a Japanese construction based company, Toda Co. Ltd. established its business in Vietnam in 2009, specializing in construction, construction consultancy, environmental engineering... Thanks to up-to-date technology application in construction and safety and quality control system, , its got involved in numerous projects throughout this country, which can be named: Hoa Binh general hospital (2007, Hoa Binh), Bach Mai hospital (2000, Hanoi), Vietnam international hospital (1997, Hanoi)…... >> Read more

Rinkai Nissan Construction

With the head quarter located in Japan, Rinkai Nissan Construction gets engaged in construction industry. To be more specific, the company offers all related aspects of this industry which can be named general building constructions, infrastructure, harbors, airports, tunnels and subways… Having technology as well as experience, Rinkai Nissan Construction has provided customers with comprehensive construction service, which contributes to expanding its brand name. Seeing Vietnam as emerging market which has higher demands of... >> Read more

Sumitomo Mitsui Construction
Incorporated in 2003, Sumitomo Mitsui Construction (SMC) is a Japan based company that handles all aspects of construction including architectural and civil engineering services, construction work implementation, infrastructure and real estate. Thanks to long cultivated and innovative construction technology, SMC has carried out a great number of projects that satisfies increasingly sophisticated demands of society on global scale such as Shangri La hotel (Thailand), Kurabe Industrial factory (Vietnam), Sumitomo Warehouse (Singapore) and Awaizaka Tunnel... >> Read more

Nippon Koei

Nippon Koei

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Established in 2012 in Vietnam, Nippon Koei is 100% Japanese-owned company. Having strong back from Nippon Koei Japan in term of finance and experience, Nippon Koei Vietnam won the trust from clients, successfully finishing many projects in different fields such as transportation, urban development, energy, environmental engineering…Nippon Koei has its head office in Hanoi and branch in Hochiminh city.... >> Read more

Kobelco Eco- Solution Vietnam
Kobelco Eco- Solution Vietnam (KESV) is the 100% owned subsidiary of Kobelco Eco- Solution Japan. With head quarter located in Ho Chi Minh, KESV specializes in distributing solution services which can be listed designing pure water/ waste water treatment systems for local companies and industrial parks and other consultation services. Besides that, to serve well customers, KESV provides operation and maintenance service.With the purpose of expanding business throughout all areas in Vietnam, KESV established... >> Read more