Plastic and rubber in Hung Yen: 2 companies

Plastic and rubber

In Vietnam, manufacturing plastic and rubber products have become one of the industries that have the fastest growth rate. Due to its functional characteristic, plastic and rubber products have been applied in different fields which can be named: manufacturing construction materials, packaging, transportation and telecommunication… To serve for domestic and exporting demands, plastic and rubber industry has been welcome a great number of local and foreign owned companies.

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KTC Hanoi

KTC Hanoi

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In Vietnam, Katecs group established two subsidiaries, which are KTC Vietnam and KTC Hanoi. Established in 2004, KTC Hanoi set up its production base in Hung Yen. Its main business activities are manufacturing and selling rubber roller for IT devices. Making use of modern technology know how in manufacturing process, KTC Hanoi is proud of its high quality products which are exported and sold to Japanese enterprises. As a prestigious manufacturer, the company... >> Read more