Tools and equipments in Vietnam: 596 companies

Tools and equipments

Manufacturing sector is a key economic factor that not only contributes to the progress of economy but also supplies materials to serve for other industries. To make finished products, there is a process of manufacturing tools and equipment. Below is the list of professional manufacturer of a wide range of tools and equipment.

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Nihon Denkei Vietnam
Having more than 60 years operating business, Nihon Denkei Japan is always the trustworthy partner of thousand big Japanese companies such as Hitachi, Toa, Aikoh, Chino and Minaco... It has multiple domestic and international branches, including Vietnam. Nihon Denkei Vietnam specializes in manufacturing various types of products which can be named: measuring equipments, telecommunication equipments, production tools, semiconductor components, computers and other electronic appliances… Nihon Denkei Vietnam never stops learning and innovating its products... >> Read more

Nikkiso Vietnam

Nikkiso Vietnam

40 32965
Located its factories in Hung Yen and Ho Chi Minh, Nikkiso Vietnam is a subsidiary of Nikkiso Japan, a well known manufacturing company with multiple branches in other countries in Asia, Germany, and America. In Vietnam, Nikkiso has two separate branches which are keen on different fields. Nikkiso Vietnam is major in manufacturing aircraft parts and Nikkiso Vietnam MFG manufactures medical equipments (blood tube).... >> Read more

Nissei Electric Vietnam
Nissei Electric Vietnam (NEV) is a subsidiary of Nissei Electric Japan which has other production bases in Ha Noi and Tien Giang. As a manufacturing based firm, NEV specializes in manufacturing processed products, electronic wires, molded products, and optical fiber products. Having more than 4,200 employees and high equipped factories, NEV was proudly granted ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certifications for high quality products and technology. This contributes to widening its brand name in... >> Read more

Takahata Precision Vietnam
Located its factory in Hai Phong, Takahata Precision Vietnam is one of the official members of Takahata group which includes other members in different countries such as China, Malaysia, USA, and Thailand… With high and innovative technology that made Takahata brand name in 80 years, Takahata Precision Vietnam manufactures diversified types of products such as gears, medical equipments, electronic components, and other machinery equipments. ... >> Read more

Sansei Industry Vietnam
Sansei Industrial JSC is 100% Japan-owned company, specializing in manufacturing, assembling and designing tools and equipments used in machine, electrical system, marine and vehicles. Applying high technology in manufacturing system, Sansei is proud to bring customers high quality products. Having many opportunities to work together, Sansei has formed business partnership with Sugiyama, Tatsuno Corporation and Miwaseiki…... >> Read more

Uchiyama Vietnam Inc
As a foreign invested company, Uchiyama Vietnam Inc (UVI) has more than 10- year experience in manufacturing gaskets for automotive, and bearing seals. Following its key principle: ”Prestige- Quality-Prioritizing customers need” since establishment, UVI has always been one of the trustworthy brands for clients. Applying high technology to increase productivity and get rid of negative impact on environment, UVI manufactures high quality products and exports them to international markets such as Japan, USA, Europe.... >> Read more

Saigon Precision

Saigon Precision

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Setting up its production base in Ho Chi Minh city, Saigon Precision is the Vietnamese subsidiary of Misumi group in Japan. Its main business is to manufacture molding accessories which can be listed: automation components, optical components, and other components for industrial uses. With the business philosophy:” Decreasing customers’ complaints”, Saigon Precision has built its own experienced team along with strict environment management system. The company was certified with ISO 9001: 2000.... >> Read more

Osco Vietnam

Osco Vietnam

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Osco International Vietnam is the branch of Osco International Japan. Since its establishment, with the business philosophy “always satisfy customers”, products that Osco produces: machine tools, measuring tools, chemical lab equipments, glues and stationery are sold everywhere and receive positive feedback from customers.... >> Read more

Mitsuba M- Tech Vietnam
Established in August 1997, Mitsuba M- Tech Vietnam Co. Ltd is a part of Mitsuba Japan Corporation which has numerous branches in Europe, Asia, China and America. To boost up productivity and satisfy customers’ higher demand, Mitsuba Vietnam opened two highly equipped factories in Dong Nai province, both of which specialize in manufacturing machinery components and vehicles accessories.... >> Read more

Fujikura fiber optics Vietnam
Fujikura fiber optics Vietnam Co. ltd (FOV) is Vietnamese subsidiary of Fujikura Japan. With one highly equipped factory located in Binh Duong, FOV specializes in manufacturing electronic components and telecommunication systems. Thanks to high technology application, Fujikura products which are constantly upgraded meet with high standard. FOV has received prestigious certificates such as ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2000, which contributes to widening its reputation. ... >> Read more