Marine engineering in Vietnam: 5 companies

Marine engineering

Along with rapid demands for marine transportation, Vietnam has a long seashore, which encourages marine engineering industry to develop. Vtown details marine engineering specialists that, with their wealth of experience in this complex and supporting of innovative technology and industry, are able to meet with your expectations.

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JFE Mechanical Vietnam
JFE Mechanical Vietnam is a subsidiary company of JFE Mechanical Co., Ltd of Japan. Currently, we are specialized in providing consulting, designing, construction, diagnosis, repair, maintenance and outsourcing mechanical products.... >> Read more

IHI Engineering Marine- Vietnam
IHI Corporation is a long established brand name with 14 overseas branches. The company manufactures an enormous range of products. As a 100% Japan owned company, IHI Engineering Marine Vietnam was launched. Placing its base in Hai Phong, with experience and special know how from the parent company, IHI Vietnam is making endless effort to provide customers with such professional services as engineering, ship designing and engineering consultation. From planning to designing stage, IHI... >> Read more



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Vinashin is a big brand name in Vietnamese shipbuilding industry that receives many prestigious awards and has a full list of international and domestic clients. Founded in 2003, Vinakita is the joint venture between Vinashin and Kitada Japan. The company aims at satisfying all exporting demands of Vietnam. Setting up its base in Hanoi, the company is in charge of ship building and repairing ships. Also, Vinakita provides customers with other technical services which... >> Read more

Vinakita Ship Design
Kitana Ship Design is a Japan based firm that kicked off its business in 1984. Having 30 year experience, Kitana Ship Design has become an expert in designing cargo ships. Particularly, the company gets involved in basic and detail designing, planning and producing ships, floating docks, tankers, passenger boats and consulting in the related fields. With its own capacity and a wealth of experience, the company is proud to bring customers’ satisfaction. Vinakita Ship... >> Read more

Steel Forging Inc
Fly Steel Forging was originally a producer of steel forgings. Shortly after its founding, Fly Forge began producing closed die forgings and machined components for the aerospace and medical industries. With a focus on producing top quality parts and keeping abroad of industry changes, Fly Forge quickly became a leader in producing closed die forgings from a wide range of metals. Fly Forge, is a key producer of closed-die forgings for aircraft structural and landing... >> Read more