Pharmacy in Vietnam: 12 companies

Health care

Pharmacy is the industry that plays an important role in the the country’s economy. Also, thanks to it, people’s health are taken care of so that they can live a healthy life. There is a list of Vtown companies which take part in pharmaceutical industry.

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Kyoto Biken Hanoi Laboratories

After obtaining investment license from Hung Yen’s Industrial Zone Authority in 2011, Kyoto Biken Hanoi Laboratories was established on the basic of joint venture among 3 companies that are Kyoto Biken Laboratories (Japan), Ken Tai Trading (Taiwan) and Vietnam Veterinary Products JSC (Vinavetco). Kyoto Biken has been widely known as the first laboratory to conduct intensive research for developing vaccines for pets that has 65 year experience. With strong support from Japanese side in... >> Read more

Family Medical Practice Vietnam
Family Medical Practice is the foreign owned enterprise that started its business operation in healthcare industry in 1994. Along with experienced medical practitioners, technicians and medical personnel, Family Medical Practice has a strong commitment to bringing patients caring and dedicating healthcare services ranging from 24/ 24 access, health check up, first aid, children care, imaging, to pharmacy… Each patient room is well equipped with modern facilities which meet with international standard. Thanks to professional... >> Read more

Eisai (Thailand) Marketing
Eisai is a Japan based firm that initiated its business in 1960. For more than 50 years of operating business, the company has gained its reputation as a manufacturer and seller of pharmaceutical drugs, OTC drugs and other production systems used in related context. As a human oriented enterprise setting priority for its patients and their families, Eisai never stops innovating its business to improve healthcare and meet with diversified demands in a flexible... >> Read more

Hisamitsu Vietnam
Hisamitsu Vietnam was established in 1994. Since then, Hisamitsu was well known for its products, Salonpas, which is a pain relieving product. Salonpas is sold in every pharmacy store with diversified product lines: gel, patch, and spray… With high quality products, Hisamitsu Vietnam received many prestigious awards such as Vietnamese high quality products, awards of Ministry of health…However, Hisamitsu never stops learning to innovate products. Besides Salonpas, Hisamitsu also produced Bye Bye fever, product... >> Read more

Công ty TNHH Thiết bị Khoa học Việt Anh
Viet Anh Scientific Co., Ltd is established in February 2001. We are specialized in distribution of scientific and biomedical equipment, reagents for research, diagnostics and quality control including life science research, clinical diagnostics, veterinary, food hygiene, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and environment. We also supply equipment and consumables for Bioprocess In doing so, we enter the distribution agreement with reputable manufacturers in term of product quality and service as well as innovation, their specialists accompany our team... >> Read more

BAO LONG Herb Medical Group
The forerunner of Southeast pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is the enterprise Bao Long Bao Long Pharmaceutical southeast of Ho Chi Minh City police, was established on 01/6/1990, with 20 years of construction and development, Long has made certain achievements. Achievements like today is due to the collective efforts of our company staff has strived relentlessly with an extraordinary energy and iron will of the "Captain" Nguyen Huu Khai, along with solidarity of thousands workers and... >> Read more

KBSGLOBAL (S) PTE LTD was incorporated in 1999 in Singapore. Following which in the year 2000, the company opened its representative office in Ho Chi Minh City and a branch in Hanoi. Backed by professionals and local staff the company is producing good results and all Principals are satisfied.We focus on making bridges between reliable suppliers and potential customers through international trade... >> Read more