Dental clinic in Vietnam: 12 companies

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Dental care is not only for your health but also a matter of aesthetics. Do you want to have a bright and lively smile? Let specialists help you get what you want. Operating clinics, centers they have much experience in the field of dental care and are supported by innovative technique and equipment.

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Nissei Dental Clinic
After granting business license in 2007, Nissei Dental Clinic started its business operation as the first Japan owned dental clinic to set its location in Binh Duong. The clinic offers customers comprehensive dental related services which can be named children treatment, implant for adult, teeth whitening, dental fillings, teeth examination, and minor surgery… With the aim of becoming dental clinic customers can feel satisfied, besides experienced dentists, Nissei Dental Clinic has equipped its facilities... >> Read more

Japan Vietnam Medical Connection
Japan Vietnam Medical Connection was established on a basic of joint venture between Vietnam and Japan. The company operates business in healthcare field, particularly, dental and multi clinic. Japan Vietnam Medical Connection established its multi clinic which is called Sakura and located in Hanoi. Thanks to strong investment, Sakura has innovative medical facilities and large space which is spit into 2 levels. Sakura, along with a team of qualified Japanese and Vietnamese experts, is... >> Read more

Koseikai dental care
With the base located in Ho Chi Minh, Koseikai dental care was established 2000 as the first foreign dental care to operate its business. Choosing Koseikai dental care, customers are provided with all dental services which include teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, laser dentistry, implant, and healthy gum care… Koseikai has always made endless effort to achieve its objective which is to provide the best dental service in a clean and healthy environment. Therefore, it... >> Read more

Nagomi Dental Clinic
With the base conveniently located in Hanoi, Nagomi Dental Clinic was certified to be high tech and premium dental clinic that meets with Japanese high standard. Having its business principle:”to the beautiful and healthy teeth”, Nagomi Dental Clinic devotedly brings customers all related services which can be named general dentistry, children dentistry, implants, periodontal treatment, esthetic dentistry and whitening. The clinic has not only innovative, modern and 100% sterilized equipment but also a team... >> Read more

Rose Dental Clinic
Rose Dental Clinic, formerly known as Naomi Dental Clinic, was established with 100% investment capital from Keiyukai Dental Clinic Japan. Considered as the Japanese leading dental clinic, Keiyukai has developed modern dental technique, innovative equipments, especially sterilization systems meeting with international standards. In addition to inheriting special know how from Keiyukai, having the team of experienced and qualified dentists has allowed Rose Dental Clinic to bring customers comprehensive and high quality dental services such... >> Read more

Westcoast International Dental Clinic
Your Number 1 Dental Clinic in Vietnam for Dental Implants. Westcoast International Dental Clinic is the longest established, 100% Foreign Invested Dental Clinic in Vietnam. Our team of dentists from many countries in the world such as Australia, United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, Italy, ... We are a caring international team of dentists in Vietnam providing outstanding high quality dentistry for people coming to and living in Asia. We have been providing cosmetic and complex dental... >> Read more

Smile dental center
With the base located in the crowding city of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, Smile dental center is the dental clinic that has 100% Japan capital investment. Aware that people have become more concerned about their healths, Smile dental center is striking to bringing them Japanese standard dental services which can be named: implant, cosmetic dentistry, children care, teeth filling, x- ray, and teeth whitening. In addition to well equipped facilities and technology which are... >> Read more

NAWON Food & Beverage Company
“Located in an agricultural country, famous with its wide variety of fresh tropical fruit materials, Nawon researches and develops healthy drinks from freshly squeezed juices, the source of natural vitamins and micronutrients. With strong product R&D, creative packaging designs, massive production, strict quality control and aggressive sales efforts, Nawon quickly expand its business to more than 90 countries and territories in just 4 years.”... >> Read more

Lee Dental Clinic

Lee Dental Clinic with over 20 years Experience Korean Dentist will bring the best smile for you. We can do general dentistry , Orthodontic, Implant with very reasonable price. Our clinic is located at 41 , Street 41 , Thao Điền ward, D.2, TpHCM. tel: 02822448787... >> Read more



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Dental Clinic specializing in everything from clenanings and fillings, to veneers and new smile makeovers!... >> Read more