Hospital in Vietnam: 3 companies

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People’s concern about health conditions have been raised higher, therefore, the number of hospitals has become greater. In recent years, Vietnam has witnessed numerous foreign investors have begun to focus on this field, which results in the presence of foreign owned hospital with innovative treatment technology. Let’s meet them.

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Family Medical Practice Vietnam
Family Medical Practice is the foreign owned enterprise that started its business operation in healthcare industry in 1994. Along with experienced medical practitioners, technicians and medical personnel, Family Medical Practice has a strong commitment to bringing patients caring and dedicating healthcare services ranging from 24/ 24 access, health check up, first aid, children care, imaging, to pharmacy… Each patient room is well equipped with modern facilities which meet with international standard. Thanks to professional... >> Read more

FV Hospital

FV Hospital

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Located in Saigon South, FV Hospital is a general hospital. To be specific, healthcare services provided by FV Hospital can be named medical services, surgeon, pharmacy, psychology, dental services, plastic surgery, supporting services and hospitalization. In addition to the team of experienced and qualified foreign doctors, FV Hospital has state of the art technology as well as great number of patient rooms and facilities meeting with international standard. The hospital also obtained prestigious... >> Read more