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Vietnam’s tourism sector is reported to be on its way of significantly developing. Together with that fact, in the era of globalization, the country has been welcome a great number of foreign companies to come for conference meeting, and business expansion... Therefore, it is necessary to solve problems regarding accommodations for foreign tourists and businessmen. Let’s figure out from average to luxurious hotels in Vietnam with their standard services.

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Azumaya hotel

Azumaya hotel

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Located in the “Japanese town” of Ho Chi Minh, Azumaya hotel set its presence in Vietnam in 2011. Its main objective is to create the second home for Japanese people who travel or do business overseas in Vietnam. Besides well furnished hotel rooms, Azumaya hotel has other services including breakfast, and foot massage…, which are in compliance with Japanese standards. With professional working manner, the hotel hopes to bring customers happy and comfortable times... >> Read more

Bong Sen- Yamachi

Pastel Inn Saigon is a 3 star hotel that set its location in Ho Chi Minh city. Since its establishment in 1995, the hotel has set its target customers as Japanese entrepreneurs going business trips in Vietnam. This 7 storey hotel with beautifully furnished rooms includes 1 restaurant and 1 bar club to serve customers better. Besides that, its location, which is in the center of Ho Chi Minh, near the airport, commercial centers... >> Read more

FOCOCEV Vietnam Joint Stock Co.
Formerly the Central Food Company was established on 17.09.1975, the Company was renamed the Food and Technology Investment in 2002 and converted into Company Limited Food & Investments FOCOCEV ( called FOCOCEV) by decision No. 3442 dated 26/9/2010 of the Minister of Industry and Trade. After 35 years of development, with a team of professionals capable management, highly qualified technicians, FOCOCEV has continuously developed in all aspects. Especially, FOCOCEV has become one of the... >> Read more

Park Hyatt Saigon Hotel
Park Hyatt Saigon is 5 star hotel managed by Hyatt International Corporation in America. Conveniently located in the centre of Ho Chi Minh city, Park Hyatt Saigon has welcomed a great number of foreign tourists and businessmen. The hotel has 3 main types of hotel rooms which are standard, deluxe and suite. All rooms are luxuriously equipped and have magnificent views. All customers’ conveniences are fulfilled completely with top rated services. Besides that, in... >> Read more

HUNG THINH CORP has been established and operating in the real estate sector for over 15 years. Thanks to the right stragetic and management mindset and solidarity, efforts of the entire company, Hung Thinh Branch is step by step affirmed as a prestige real estate company on Viet Nam market. HUNG THINH CORP has completed stage of the roadmap for restructuring activities in the model of Corporation and the member units, Base on our determination,... >> Read more

Hotel Nikko Hanoi
Besides Hotel Nikko Saigon, Hotel Nikko Hanoi is a part of global hotel chain, Hotel Nikko International. The hotel is the harmonious combiination between Japanese elegant architecture and Vietnamese long cultivated culture. Located in the center of Hanoi which is near the park, the lake, commercial offices and shopping center, Hotel Nikko Hanoi proudly offers customers luxurious rooms that have beautiful landscape and modern furniture, restaurant, facilities and other services including entertainment and shopping…... >> Read more

Yasaka- Sai Gon- Nha Trang
Located in the beach city of Vietnam, Nha Trang, Yasaka- Sai Gon- Nha Trang, a joint venture between Japan and Vietnam, began its operation in 1999 as the 4 star hotel. Having the unique architectural design, the hotel has 201 rooms of various types including standard rooms, deluxe rooms, and presidential suite… Besides that, Yasaka- Sai Gon- Nha Trang hotel has luxurious restaurant, bar, swimming pub and premium customer services. In the main website,... >> Read more

Candle Hotel

Candle Hotel

14 803
Candle Hotel is one of projects implemented by Tan Nghia Group. Strategically located in in Hanoi, this 4 star hotel started commencing its business operation in 2013. With the slogan: “where happiness is fulfilled”, Candle Hotel is committed to bringing customers Japanese standard style and quality from facilities to services. Candle Hotel has total of 141 hotel rooms well equipped with luxurious and modern amenities. Additionally, Candle Hotel has other necessary services including restaurants,... >> Read more

Lenid Hanoi Hotel
LeNid Hanoi hotel is conveniently located at the center of Hanoi city. This exclusive residence, the newest luxury hotel in Vietnam's capital, is unlike any other property in this dynamic city. Sited only minutes from Hanoi's famed Hoan Kiem Lake and the fabled shopping streets of the city. Our 54 luxurious rooms are emphasizing refined glamour, timeless elegance and luxurious comfort, each room and suite is tastefully designed to create a welcoming and inviting... >> Read more