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Your business is about import and export, or you want to import some machine in your head office to the branch or you just want to send a letter to customer? Now it's time to call a logistic agency to take care all the complicated procedure with the customs department. Most logistics agency in Vietnam provide full pack of logistic, they take care the goods until you get it at your door.

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Shimizu Vietnam

Shimizu Vietnam

85 23139
Having more than 200- year experience, Shimizu Corporation Japan is chosen to be one of the biggest brand name in construction fields. In Vietnam, Shimizu has two branches located in two main cities, Hanoi and Hochiminh, specializing also in construction, environmental engineering, and urban development. Shimizu was one of the 3 contractors to carry Bai Chay bridge project in 2006, contributing to higher customers’ awareness of Shimizu.... >> Read more

Dragon Logistics

Dragon Logistics

30 11952
Dragon Logistics Co. Ltd., established on October, 19, 1996 by the joint of Sumitomo Corporation and VINAFCO Co. Ltd., focused on freight forwarder including domestic and international cargo transportation, leasing warehouse, yacht, consulting on import- export documentation services. Dragon Logictis has had more than 500 employees and 200 means of transportation. The company is the official member of prestigious international and domestic forwarder organizations like IATA...Head office is located in Ha Noi, Dragon has... >> Read more

Nippon Konpo Vietnam
Along with Indonesia, China, America, Thailand, and India…, Nippon Konpo Vietnam is an official part of Nippon Konpo Japan’s global network. Located its facility in Hanoi, Nippon Konpo Vietnam is a logistics based company. In particular, Nippon Konpo Vietnam provides customers with professional logistics services which can be named total logistics services, warehousing, customs clearance, import/ export, packaging, cargo transportation through sea, land and air freights, and assembly. Having a group of logistics specialist... >> Read more

Yusen logistics solutions Vietnam
Yusen logistics solutions Vietnam is a logistics based firm with 100% capital investment from Yusen Logistics, the Japan based firm. The company is in charge of handling logistics related services which can be named forwarding through ocean and air freights, warehousing and distributions, and delivery… Thanks to inhering know how and experience from the mother company and spending endless effort, Yusen logistics solutions Vietnam has brought comprehensive logistics solutions for enterprises with guaranteed safety... >> Read more

"K" Line Logistics
K Line Logistics is the Japanese- based logistics company established in 1952. With professional logistics service: air cargo, sea cargo and application of technology in inventory tracking system, K Line built global network. In January 2006, Vietnamese branch was opened in Hochiminh city, specializing in logistics service also. Two years later, K Line opened Hanoi representative office, expanding business in Vietnamese logistics market.... >> Read more

Trancy Logistics Vietnam
Emphasizing on “Speed, Safety and Security”, Trancy Logistics is a Japan based company that is keen on domestic and international transportation activities. Its multi model transportation system has contributed greatly to upgrading logistics field to another level. As one of overseas bases of Trancy Logistics, besides Malaysia, Indonesia, Hongkong and Thailand…, Trancy Logistics Vietnam set up its offices in Hanoi and Hochiminh. Following its parent company to operate in logistics industry, the company is... >> Read more

Sumi Hanel

Sumi Hanel

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Sumi Hanel is the joint venture between Hanoi Electronic Corporation and Sumimoto Japan. With the annual sales of 7000 billion VND, Sumi Hanel proves itself to be strong company providing clients in diversified fields such as from manufacturing and sales of electronic, telecommunication, IT devices, and other supporting products, to construction, real estate, HR, multimodal logistics system. Sumi Hanel currently has 37 subsidiaries with more than 7000 employees. Main clients of Sumi Hanel include:... >> Read more

Hankyu- Hanshin Express Vietnam
Hankyu- Hanshin Express is the professional Japanese logistics company which received many prestigious awards such as ISO9001 for high quality logistics service, ISO/IEC27001 for information security and ISO14001 for environmental management. Therefore, with these achievements, Hankyu-Hanshin Express is a worldwide brand name. As a branch of well known logistics brand, Hankyu Hanshin Express Vietnam specializes in logistics activities such as cargo transportation through sea, and air freight, and trucking. To reach more customers, Hankyu... >> Read more

Naigai Nitto Vietnam
Since establishment, Naigai Nitto, a Japan based company, has become global organization with multiple branches located in America, Asia and Europe. As a Vietnamese subsidiary of the leading logistics company, Naigai Nitto Vietnam was created in Hanoi. Following its holding company’s vision, which is to become logistics partner everyone can trust, Naigai Nitto Vietnam is major in logistics services which can be named: freight forwarding by sea, air and land, 3PL solution, warehouse and... >> Read more

Khai Minh Global Co., Ltd (KMG) was established in 2008, headquartered in Hanoi. At present, KMG has more than 400 well-trained staffs working from North to South of Vietnam by 4 offices located in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Hai Phong. KMG is a member of worldwide network. KMG is total logistics company with main activities: Master consoldilation, Sea freight, Air freight, Overland service, AOG service, Logistics, Warehousing-Depot. With an in-depth understanding... >> Read more