Industrial fabric in Binh Duong: 4 companies

Industrial fabric

The role of fabric is undeniable. It is materials used in not only fashion textile but also industries, for example, making automotive seats. If you want to seek for industrial fabric suppliers/ producers, take a look at a list that Vtown provides you.

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Tsuchiya Tsco Vietnam
Estblished in 2002, Tsuchiya Tsco Vietnam is a member with 100% investment from Tsuchiya Tsco Japan. Located its manufacturing factory in Binh Duong, Tsuchiya Tsco Vietnam is major in textile, particularly, Tsuchiya Tsco Vietnam produces Poly seal, fiber pile for weather-stripping. The company’s products meet with high requirements in terms of technology. Tsuchiya Tsco Vietnam mainly export its products to Japan and other Asian countries. Since its inception, the company has introduced more than... >> Read more

Vietnam TNT Fibers

Vietnam TNT Fibers (VTF) was established on the basic of joint venture between Toray Co. and Mitsui & Co. Having the production base and office respectively located in Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh, VTF plays an active role as the manufacturer and seller of synthetic fiber for fishing nets. Besides modern production line, the company applied quality management system complying with ISO 9001: 2008. Therefore, with products that are guaranteed to have Japanese... >> Read more

Shimada Shoji

Shimada Shoji

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Shimada Shoji is a Japan based company. Since established in 1887, Shimada Shoji has been active in manufacturing fashion accessories and clothing tools such as belt, cloths, sewing thread, chalks, especially buttons which are made of different material such as horns, plastics, wooden and metal. Receiving many prestigious awards for high quality products, in addition to multiple domestic branches, Shimada Shoji established more overseas ones. Located in Binh Duong, Shimada Shoji Vietnam is one... >> Read more

J&B Vietnam Hi-Tech Company Limited
Our company is the fabric finishing and supplier based in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. Our specialties are sports, outdoor, snowboards, lifestyle, and surfing. Currently, we have been working with many major global brands and garment factories, such as Canada goose, Nike, Lululemon, Columbia, and so on. Our great advantages which we produce and source from three production stations; therefore, we can precisely produce the functional fabric for your own needs. For your convenience, we... >> Read more