Vietnam government pay attention on E-commerce

With the new plan approved by government in May 2014, the program focuses on bringing e-commerce to people’s daily activities in shopping, payment.
By 2020, the infrastructure will be invested for
·         Online payment method broadly in all kind of business especially in B2C
·         Card payment
·         Digital signature
·         Data exchange from Business to Business
·         Online management;
 The program also encourage business to use e-commerce dealing with their customers in retails, wholesales; working with governmental management. Data security is one of important factors that is cared also.
 To increase awareness of e-commerce in society and the management system, Vietnam is training for at least 50,000 businesses, management level about e-commerce, 10,000 student majored in e-commerce to supply the labor shortage like current situation; organize public events for people to learn the benefits of e-commerce.
There will be much preparation and study for Vietnam to finish once the government start recognizing the good of e-commerce. It is said that entrepreneurs in the field will get great support and find their business opportunities are rushing in.

By Nguyễn Oanh on Oct 8, 2014 6:15:01 PM

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