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Takahata Precision Vietnam
Located its factory in Hai Phong, Takahata Precision Vietnam is one of the official members of Takahata group which includes other members in different countries such as China, Malaysia, USA, and Thailand… With high and innovative technology that made Takahata brand name in 80 years, Takahata Precision Vietnam manufactures diversified types of products such as gears, medical equipments, electronic components, and other machinery equipments. ... >> Read more

Shin-Etsu Magnetic Materials Vietnam
Shin-Etsu Chemical Corporation is an old established Japanese brand name in chemical industry. Since its first presence in 1926, the company has made great contributions not only to foundation base of industries but also people’s lives through a wide array of premium products such as chemical, semiconductors, electronics materials and PVC… Setting up its production base in Hai Phong, Shin-Etsu Magnetic Materials Vietnam is a Vietnam based subsidiary of Shin-Etsu Corporation. Utilizing state of... >> Read more

Tohoku Pioneer Vietnam
Tohoku Pioneer Corporation is located in Japan. For 47 years operating business in manufacturing industry, from the modest beginning, Tohoku Pioneer becomes a big brand name which meets with international standard. Besides domestic branches, Tohoku Corporation has international ones, including Vietnam. Tohoku Pioneer Vietnam set up its factory in Hai Phong, specializing in manufacturing audio, industrial automation equipments, and mechatronics.... >> Read more

Iko Thompson Vietnam
IKO Nippon Thompson is Japan based company which specializes in manufacturing various types of machinery tools. By applying advanced technology, IKO products are well received with positive feedback for high quality. With the aim of bringing products to overseas customers, IKO Nippon Thompson expanded its business to other countries, including Vietnam. IKO Nippon Thompson Vietnam was established in 2006, major in manufacturing equipments.... >> Read more

Masuoka Vietnam

Masuoka Vietnam

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Located in Hai Phong, Masuoka Vietnam is an official part of Masuoka Manufacturing in Japan. Thanks to Masuoka experienced know how in technology, Masuoka Vietnam is in charge of manufacturing diversified types of products which contain o- ring, plastic products, gaskets, rubber products, metal press for automotive, board parts… Masuoka has 2 factories and is the product supplier for Toa Vietnam, Denso Vietnam, Hi- Lex Vietnam and Vietnam Stanley Electric… With environment and quality... >> Read more

Hi-lex Vietnam

Hi-lex Vietnam

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Hi-lex Corporation was initially created in 1946 in Japan and has plants located in different countries in USA, Europe and Asia, including Vietnam. As a branch of Hi-lex Corporation, Hi-lex Vietnam is the manufacturer of diversified products which are automobile and industrial parts, medical equipments and metal molding. The company has more than 400 employees. With the advanced technology and engineering support, Hi-lex Vietnam hopes to satisfy customers’ demands.... >> Read more

Fuji Seiko Vietnam

Setting up its production base in Hai Phong, Fuji Seiko Vietnam is 100% Japan owned company. Since its establishment in 2011, the company has been the manufacturer and seller of temperature controllers for cooling systems of automotive and other automotive spare parts. Thanks to products that meet with high quality criteria, Fuji Seiko Vietnam is proud to supply products to big automotive enterprises. With the aim of expanding in its market as well as... >> Read more

Advanced Technology Hai Phong
With the aim of bringing convenience to life through technology, Sanwa was established with the head quarter located in Japan. Having more than 50 years operating its business, Sanwa has developed its state of art technology to upgrade products which are remote controllers. Sanwa opened Advanced technology Haiphong as an overseas subsidiary in Vietnam. The company is also keen on manufacturing remote controllers and other electronic equipments. With multi functional and high value added... >> Read more

Kyocera Mita Vietnam Technology
Having the large scale production base located in Hai Phong, the major port city of Vietnam, Kyocera Mita Vietnam Technology has 100% capital investment from Kyocera Mita Japan. With modern production line and advanced technology, the company gets engaged in manufacturing and distributing multifunctional and black and white printers and copiers, other office equipments and their related components and parts. Through high quality products, Kyocera Mita Vietnam hopes to meet with increasing demands of... >> Read more

Takara Tomy Vietnam
For more than 90 yeas operating its business, Takara Tomy has built a rigid foundation base in the toy manufacturing industry. Thanks to leveraging among experience, innovative design technology and manufacturing know how, its toy products including dolls and cars… have become preferred option of customers. This leads to expansion of Tomy in not only Japan but also other overseas countries. Takara Tomy established its Vietnam based production facility in Hai Phong. Takara... >> Read more