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Yokowo Vietnam

Yokowo Vietnam

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Yokowo Japan was first founded in 1922. Since then, Yokowo Japan has been active in manufacturing telecommunication equipments, connectors and medical devices. Besides domestic affiliate offices, Yokowa Japan also has multiple overseas ones located in Europe, USA and Asia. Officially opened in 2012, with highly equipped machines, Yokowa Vietnam factory manufactures high quality telecommunication, connector and electronic devices to customers, hoping to be the leading company in this industry.... >> Read more

Sumi Vietnam Wiring System
As an overseas subsidiary of Sumitomo Wiring Systems in Japan, Sumi Vietnam Wiring Systems, inaugurated its production plant in Ha Nam and started its business in 2009. The company plays an active role in manufacturing and selling diversified types of wire harnesses used for automotive industry. Making use of advanced technology platform in manufacturing field accumulated by Sumitomo group, Sumi Vietnam Wiring Systems has strong commitment to products’ quality. Therefore, the company has received... >> Read more

T.RAD Vietnam

T.RAD Vietnam

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T.RAD initiated its business in 1936 as a manufacturer of heat exchanger equipments and air conditioning for automotive, construction equipments and production machines. By supplying premium products, T.RAD has gained global recognition. As a part of T.RAD’s business expansion plan, T.RAD Vietnam was established with the production base located in Ha Nam. T.RAD Vietnam’s main business activities are manufacturing and assembling heat exchanger equipments for means of transportation. Considering human as the most important... >> Read more

Showa Denko Rare Earth Vietnam
Showa Denko KK is a Japanese old established brand name that set its presence in the market in 1939. With the objective of contributing to the growth of society, Showa Denko KK formed a global network consisting of domestics and overseas subsidiaries. Showa Denko Rare Earth Vietnam is the Vietnam based subsidiary of Showa Denko KK which was incorporated in 2009. Setting up its production base in Ha Nam, the company gets involved in... >> Read more

Vietnam Tachibana Electronics
Tachibana Electric is a Japan based company that has been in the manufacturing industry since 1962. Thanks to excellent products which can be named household electric products, metal press and powder coating, Tachibana Electric has received a plenty of orders from big enterprises such as Hitachi, Matsushita, Sanyo, Sharp and Toshiba... In 2009, Tachibana established Vietnam Tachibana Electronics as a subsidiary. Adapting Tachibana technology know how, Vietnam Tachibana Electronics is the manufacturer of such... >> Read more

Shikoku Cable Vietnam
Shikoku Cable is a manufacturing based company with the head quarter located in Japan. More than 20 years operating business, the company is committed to ensuring the stable supply of products to flexibly respond to increasingly wide range of customers’ demands. As an affiliated company of Shikoku Cable, Shikoku Cable Vietnam started its business operation by placing its facility in Ha Nam. Under the supervision of Japanese experts, Shikoku Cable Vietnam specializes in manufacturing... >> Read more

Honda Lock Vietnam
Located its factory in Ha Nam province, Honda Lock Vietnam is one of the overseas branches of Honda Lock Japan, along with America, China, Thailand and Brazil. With high equipped facilities and 48 qualified employees, Honda Lock Vietnam specializes in manufacturing key sets for motorcycles and the main client is Honda Vietnam. Following the parent company, Honda Lock Vietnam emphasizes on environment impacts, therefore, besides business, the company also takes parts in environment protection... >> Read more

Dong Van II Industrial Park

After granting business license from Ha Nam’s people committee in 2006, Ha Nam development JSC launched Dong Van industrial park II project. Since its establishment, Dong Van has become the preferred place for settling locations for a great number of local and foreign enterprises, most of which are Japanese ones such as Kalbas Vietnam, Honda Lock Vietnam, Eidai Vietnam, Honda Vietnam, Arai Vietnam and Fujigen Vietnam… Besides strategic position, Dong Van Industrial Park... >> Read more

Kalbas Vietnam

Kalbas Vietnam

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Kalbas Vietnam plays an active role as an overseas production base of Kalbas Japan which was established in 1939. Setting up its facility in Ha Nam, Kalbas Vietnam gets involved in designing, manufacturing and distributing a variety of office products including labels, slips. With intensive research, the company also expanded its product lines to industrial materials such as screen protectors, and decorative window films. To provide customers satisfaction, Kalbas Vietnam offers a comprehensive solution.... >> Read more

Tokai Rubber Hose Vietnam
Considering customers satisfaction as the starting point of basis of all business activities, Tokai Rubber Industries was established with the head quarter located in Japan. Currently, the company is on its way to expand its business on a global scale by establishing its branches in USA, Vietnam, Hongkong, Thailand, Indonesia and India… Founded in 2012, Tokai Rubber Hose Vietnam plays an active role as an overseas production base of Tokai Rubber Industries. Products manufacturer... >> Read more