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GS Battery Vietnam
As a 100% foreign owned capital, GS Battery Vietnam is the joint venture between 3 well known corporations: GS Yuasa, Mitsubishi Japan and ZtongYee industrial Taiwan. With the support from GS Yuasa in term of technology, GS Battery Vietnam manufactures GS battery for all types of automotive such as motorbikes, cars, boats and distributes them throughout all regions in Vietnam. It is also the main battery suppliers of Japanese vehicle brands such as Toyota,... >> Read more

Honda Metal industries Vietnam
Located its factory in Binh Duong, Honda Metal Industries Vietnam (HMIV) is Vietnamese subsidiary of Hondalex group. Emphasizing on maintaining the environment factors, HMIV aims at manufacturing and selling products that are harmless to environment. Therefore, the company introduced eco-friendly aluminum products for agriculture, automobile and food industry, green functional lubricants and lubricating machines. HMIV never stops learning and researching new green technology that will increase productivity and decrease negative impacts on environment.... >> Read more

Flex Vietnam

Flex Vietnam

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With the production base located in Binh Duong, Flex Vietnam is a 100% foreign direct investment project belonging to Japan. The company plays an active role as manufacturer of a board array of musical instruments, including guitars, and other related supporting parts. Utilizing modern production line and stringent quality management systems, Flex Vietnam is able to reach high capacity to secure stable supply to markets as well as bring customers premium quality products in... >> Read more

Yaokichi Vietnam

Hayashi Yaokichi is a Japan manufacturer of diversified hats for male, female and kids. With the fashionable, elegant and dynamic designs, hats made by Hayashi Yaokichi are preferred options of customers. Hayashi Yaokichi has brought to the market typical hat brand names for example, Creator, Champion, and Outdoors… which are all well received and familiar with customers. As a subsidiary of Hayashi Yaokichi, Yaokichi Vietnam set up its base in Binh Duong, also major... >> Read more

Saigon Daryar plastic

With the investment from big Japanese enterprises, Daryar, Inabata, Shimomura Rubber and Nobux, Saigon Drayar Plastic was established and placed in Binh Duong, one of the most attractive destinations of foreign investment in Vietnam. Having predicted the higher demand of plastic products, together with large -sized production base and experienced employees, Saigon Drayar Plastic shows its outstanding advantages. Products manufactured by the company include mousse packages used in supermarket, raincoats, synthetic resins, plastic films,... >> Read more

Sunmore Vietnam

Sunmore Vietnam

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Shigiyama Furniture Manufacturing is a Japan company specializing in manufacturing and distributing wooden furniture and other related products. Established in 2007 as an official member of the group company, Sunmore Vitenam located its production base in Binh Duong. The company specializes in manufacturing wooden products, industrial saws, and machinery. The company also has maintenance and repairing services. Through products and service, Sunmore Vietnam hopes to exploit business opportunities in Vietnam and contribute to Vietnamese... >> Read more

Parkerizing Vietnam
Parker Engineering is Japan based company, starting its business in 1951. By applying sophisticated technology, Parker Engineering gets involved in manufacturing, processing and selling metal treatment, coating, industrial chemicals, heat process equipment and interior decoration… Also, Parker Engineering provides available services supporting these products. Parker Engineering set up its global network comprising of numerous branches located in different countries. As a part of Parker Engineering, Vietnam Parkerizing is active in manufacturing and selling surface... >> Read more

Giken Precision Vietnam

Giken Precision Vietnam has 100% investment capital coming from Japan with the production base located in Binh Duong. Operating business in heavy industry sector, the company specializes in manufacturing small axises, high precision components, electricity and electronic parts…. to serve for different industries. Utilizing Japanese technology and modern production line in manufacturing process, Giken Precision Vietnam is committed to manufacturing products that are guaranteed to meet with international quality standards and tailored to the... >> Read more

NH Engineering Vietnam
Starting its business operation in 2010, with the production base in Binh Duong, NH Engineering Vietnam is the joint venture formed by two Japanese companies, NSE Engineering and Heiwa Metal Industries. With the support in term of technology know how from NSE Engineering, a well known Japanese company that has a long list of big clients such as Toshiba, Toyo, Nichiyo, and Nissan…, NH Engineering Vietnam gets involved in designing, manufacturing and processing large... >> Read more

Pacific S.T.K Paint Co., Ltd.
For the material: non-ferrous metals, glass, plastic, stone through the latest environmentally friendly pigments, resin design the best formula customer service under different conditions from the dry, low temperature, high temperature type of paint and gold... >> Read more