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Nichirin Vietnam
Emphasizing on “safety, comfort and reliability”, Nichirin is a Japan based company that has a history of more than 90 years of foundation. As a prestigious manufacturer of various hoses applied for automotive, and household and other related parts, Nichirin brand name has gone global. Founded in 2008, Nichirin Vietnam plays an active of Nichirin’s overseas production base. Its main products are automotive hoses such as brake hoses, air conditioning hoses and power steering... >> Read more

Hosiden Vietnam

Hosiden Vietnam

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Hosiden Corporation, specializing in manufacturing and sales of different types of products: electronic equipments, telecommunication equipments, office machines, and medical equipments, established its branches in Asian countries. Among them, founded in 1999, Hosiden Vietnam is a Hosiden subsidiary, and its business is manufacturing LCDs, electronic components, and connectors… Hosiden Vietnam won ISO 9001 in 2010 and ISO 14001 in 2011 for high quality products.... >> Read more